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January 23, 2014
The decision has been made; now we move on

At last night’s Tooele County Commission meeting, the commissioners voted 2-1 to combine the Tooele County Clerk/Tooele County Auditor, and Tooele County Recorder/Tooele County Surveyor offices.

Thank you to everyone who communicated with your commissioners about how you wanted your government run. A special thanks to Commissioner Jerry Hurst for really listening to the citizens. Thanks also for all of the emails that were forwarded, for all of the Facebook posts, for signing the petition, etc.

So what happens now? Candidate filing begins March 14 through March 20. The official notice and filing fees will be posted after Feb. 1. Next month I begin training with state and county auditors to make sure I understand all facets of the job. I want you, as citizens, to be as confident in my ability to serve as your clerk/auditor as I hope you are in my ability as a clerk.

I know the basics, but want to be able to oversee whomever we hire as an auditor. This is, of course, assuming I win the next election! There is not enough time in the day (unless I can figure out how to give up sleep) to do both the clerk and auditor jobs at the level I require. The decision has been made. We fought a good fight; now we move on. I’m always up for an adventure. How about you?

The 2014 Legislative Session starts next week. If you know of any bills that need watching, please let me know. I will be watching everything that has to do with my office; however, there may be something that you see that I’ve missed. Currently the Clerk’s Legislative Committee is working on a bill — not numbered yet — that would allow clerks to get rid of the “write in” line on the ballot if there are no valid write-in candidates.

In order for write-in votes to count, a candidate must file as an official write-in candidate by 30 days before the election.  By that time the ballots have been printed and mailed out.  This bill would move the write-in date back to 60 days before the election.

Only those offices that have valid write-in candidates would have the write-in line, thus saving much needed space on the ballot. With the ballots getting larger and larger, we have been concerned with having a ballot that is more than two pages. This would increase the printing costs as well as the mailing cost of all By-Mail ballots. By eliminating the Write-In lines, it will shorten the ballot, thus saving money.

Marilyn K. Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk 

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