Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

November 9, 2021
The family of John Bishop

There are not enough words to express our thanks and gratitude for all the love, support, food, cards, floral arrangements, money, phone calls, etc., that we received from families, friends, relatives and neighbors during the passing of our beloved John Bishop. Special thanks go out to all the Madsen and Bishop families and friends for their love, support, guidance, help, chauffeur services and other assistance, not only at John’s passing but forever, the extra nursing care, for arranging and providing food and drinks for the countless family and friend gatherings, and to Bonny for going the extra mile. Special thanks to the VFW for their special service, Dr. Charles Holt for the many years of caring for our health, St. Mark’s Hospital, Promise Long Term Care Facility, Harmony Health Care and Hospice for the rapid response and preparation, and the caregivers for their quick action and excellent support, the ambulance service, Tate Mortuary for their excellent support and guidance, Fraternal Order of Eagles for the fabulous luncheon, The Spice Pair Loft & Co. floral shop for the beautiful floral arrangements, Jim’s Restaurant-Spiros and staff, Dairy Delight staff, Chartway Credit Union staff, La Fountain staff, Transcript Bulletin, and anyone else we may have missed. Thank you!

Karlyn Bishop

Susan Kroff & Family

Karleen Brunson & Family

Kathleen Eton & Family

Cherri Dare & Family

Jerri Brown & Family

Betty Donnelly & Family

Neil Madsen

Karma Rette & Family

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