Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

August 24, 2021
The green ash tree

I was a green ash tree, born about 55 years ago in the beautiful Tooele Valley of Utah. I grew to be about 60 feet tall and was happy as I provided shade, was a home for many birds and witnessed many celebrations of life, births, graduations, family life and deaths.

It was a very hot and dry summer yet, as for many years before, I weathered the heat and dryness and I was ready to survive for many more years to come.

All that was changed this past Pioneer Day. Someone in my neighborhood decided to set off fireworks. Suddenly I found myself engulfed in flames. They spread quickly and could only be stopped by the firemen that came to rescue me.

They were able to protect the nearby homes and people. No one was hurt and the damage to the homes was minimal. A vehicle and some equipment were destroyed.

Someone came a few days later and said I would need to be cut down. This caused me great sorrow, as I know in the past that millions of my kind have been killed by the carelessness of other people. 

I appeal to you, that you inform people to be very careful when handling fire of any type. Please tell them to think and act wisely so they will not destroy what we or nature have created. Please remember what happened to me and think about what you are doing.

Message transcribed for the green ash tree by:

Beverly Christensen


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