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April 23, 2015
The laughs and the magic made prom a special night for me

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She wanted to go to a ball, but her wicked stepmother and her two evil stepsisters ruined the beautiful dress she had made. In despair, she threw herself on the ground, sobbing.

Suddenly, in a twinkling of lights, a woman appeared. She asked the girl why she was crying, to which she replied, “I will never go to the ball.” The woman chuckled and explained that she was her fairy godmother, with magical and wonderful powers.

She flicked her wand and the girl’s tattered rags turned into a ball gown. A pumpkin turned into a golden coach and white mice turned into white horses. The young girl was whisked away into the night where she danced with the prince. But at midnight, she was forced to leave. Her coach turned back into a pumpkin, her dress into rags, but her glass slippers remained.

We all know the ending where the prince searches for her because he is madly in love with her. But, that is not the point. The point was the ball. Now, we don’t have balls or coaches, but we do have prom and limos.

Prom is the moment every girl dreams about from the moment she is first told about it. Images of balls, gowns and dancing the night away flash through her mind. She wonders what her dress will look like, who her date will be and what it will feel like when she walks down the steps just like the stories about Cinderella.

To a girl, it is just like Cinderella. It is the one night during which she can be a completely different person. She can be dazzling and charming, even flirtatious when the occasion arises. And just like Cinderella, she eventually turns back into a pumpkin and has to return to her normally scheduled life. But for that one night, she is a princess.

This is exactly how I felt about prom, which for Tooele High occurred last Saturday. I didn’t have the opportunity to go my freshman or sophomore year, so it was the first time I had ever been to the state capitol. I had a beautiful dress and a handsome date. The moment I walked down those steps was amazing. The ceilings were high and arched, the floor glittered with lights. A rainbow of dresses swirled along the floor. There was laughing and talking and just a warm, happy feeling in the air.

I may not have an evil stepmother or stepsisters; in fact, I don’t have a stepmother or sisters at all. I have a sweetheart for a mother and two wild and crazy, sometimes evil, younger brothers. They were my fairies that night. I had a dress, a limo and the most wonderful dinner I have ever tasted.

I had the opportunity to promenade since I was a junior, which was a blast by itself. Then the moment came for the royalty to be announced. I couldn’t have been happier for who was chosen. Each and every one of them was deserving and gracious. Then, I returned to my handsome prince and we danced the night away.

The dance did not continue until midnight, so I turned into a pumpkin at 11 p.m. instead, but I wouldn’t have traded the night for anything. It had its ups and downs of course, like the fact that the promenade mask I had been holding snapped in two, or squishing 14 people into a six-person limo. In the end, I realized I had some great stories to tell my future children and some good, tear-streaming laughs.

It was everything my mother had told me it would be from the stories I had heard about her prom. It may have not ended like a fairytale where I fit the glass slipper and got married -— I ended up taking the ACT instead — but it was just as fun.

I hope that everyone is able to look back fondly on prom, remembering the laughs and magic, the beauty of it all and the feeling that came with the event. I already look forward to next year and hope it will be just as beautiful as this one.


Peatross is a junior at Tooele High School.

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