Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

January 14, 2014
The pain you have caused

Wretched thieves! It is not enough that our childhood home burned to the ground, or that my parents lost 50 years of work on their dream, or my sister and husband lost their entire household. You had to steal what we rescued from the ashes.

My mother spent almost $1,000 on fencing to keep you and others out of our private property, to keep you from foraging through the smoldering debris. What little we found unburned was locked and chained in a storage conex, but you cut the lock and stole a mobile generator, a saw, six large metal valves, and a motorized sewer snake.

Shame on you! I have no words for those who feel they can enter any property and take without compunction. Do you realize the depth of the pain you have caused on top of an open wound? Shame on the person (s) who stole parts off our old Packard also located on private property. Can’t imagine what gives you the right.

Jill Thomas


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