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March 24, 2020
The smallest acts of giving can have the biggest impact on others

Friday was the day we agreed to meet, so I drove the short distance to Sherry and Mike Bullock’s home to pick up new and gently used shoes as a donation to our Soles4Souls project. There were two short steps to the front door and then I touched the doorbell. I waited.

In a few moments, Sherry slowly began open the front door in greeting. Her greeting was immediately punctuated by Molly, Sherry and Mike’s black labradoodle. Molly had a large grin on her face. I could tell because her white teeth were shining, highlighted as if framed by a black nose and soft curly fur. I reached out to pet her and she wrapped both of her front paws around my arm and simply lolled there while looking at my face, approvingly. It was as if she understood the good that Sherry was up to.

Just two days had passed since I received a message from Sherry in response to my Soles4Souls ask for help.

“I have some shoes I’m happy to donate. Is there a drop off location?” she asked.

Now, Molly, Sherry and I were talking in the foyer of their home. Our conversation turned naturally to dogs, as Molly had usurped the whole reason for our being together. She and I stood arm-in-arm as we conversed. It was symbolic because our exchange would soon reveal how shoes, dogs and giving were intertwined in Sherry’s life.

“I have a little fund,” she said to me sheepishly.

Then she told me how she had gone to one of our local veterinarians to offer help to his clients who were having a difficult time paying for the care their pet received.

“It isn’t much, but I hope it helps people and their four-legged family members,” she said. 

“I think it is a lot!” I said. “Can you imagine if everyone created a little fund to help others?”

We often think in terms of doing big things. Giving big gifts. Spending lots of money. Yet, “Sherry’s fund” is proof that you don’t have to go big to help others. It’s counterintuitive to many of us. Yet, here I was, arm-in-arm with Molly, enjoying a small gesture of proof.

It is often the smallest of acts that have the largest impact. If you and I were to combine our small acts of giving, with those being given by our friend Sherry, we could change our community in the smallest and greatest way!

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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