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April 9, 2019
‘There is help all around us if we simply open our eyes to notice’

I needed a little help with one of my clients due to saturation of my calendar. It was one of those days and I just didn’t think I had any time left to meet with one more person. So, I immediately began to think of ways I could meet all of my obligations for the day. Kim was my first option.

I sent Kim a text: “Can you help me with a client this evening at 6:30?”

I waited. I waited longer. There was no reply.

“Odd!” I thought to myself. “Kim always replies to me quickly.”

I made other arrangements by doing a little juggling. Then, I put my metaphoric racing shoes on and went about my business. And, just before 6:30 that evening, I heard a chime from my phone. I looked for a message.

It was Kim. “Sorry, Bob has a torn aorta and is in really, really bad shape.”

Bob is Kim’s spouse! On this fateful, life-changing morning, in Winnemucca, Nevada, local paramedics saved Bob’s life, when traveling, and stabilized him. Then, he was flown on a medical helicopter to Reno, where specialists could frantically work to claim their five percent chance of saving Bob’s life. All of this was happening while Kim was far away in South Jordan, Utah, wondering how she would be able to get to Bob in Reno, move his car from Winnemucca and get him back home to Utah. I had no surprise when Kim sent me a message saying, “It is very overwhelming!” But, she didn’t give up!

Kim’s response to her predicament reminded me of Jim Rohn’s little allegory about workers in a field (centuries ago). He said: “The guy has his head down, working the soil, removing the weeds and has a full day of labor ahead of him. But on occasion, it is wise if he pauses and looks up to give thanks and asks for help, then he looks around and checks to make sure there are no predators, and then, he quickly gets back to work.”

The next message I received from Kim, three days later said, “I am in Reno now. I got here late last night by thinking outside the box. I rented a U-Haul truck to get me to Bob’s car. It worked out perfectly! I drove Bob’s car to Reno. All is good. He is slowly getting better and it’s going to be a very, very long recovery.”

A U-Haul truck! Come on now! “Who would have thought about that?” I snickered. “How in the world did she ever figure that out?” I’m sure you’re wondering about that yourself at this point, so I’ll tell you what Kim told me a few days later.

“I was driving my car, worrying, thinking and keeping my head up. Then, the answer pulled right in front of me! A U-Haul truck turned into my lane and it was like a light switched in my head saying, ‘This is your answer!’ You know, there is help all around us if we will simply open our eyes to notice,” Kim said.

And, because of amazing health care specialists Kim’s next message to me (and to you) was, “There is a beautiful sunrise here and Bob gets to see it. What a new perspective on a day!”

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.


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