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October 22, 2013
There is one governmental entity that is running smoothly

In times like today where people have little trust in what their elected leaders are doing and how those leaders are running the government, it is often hard to believe that there is a governmental entity that is running smoothly and efficiently. That entity is Tooele City. One of the primary reasons that it runs smoothly is because of the masterful leadership of Mayor Patrick Dunlavy.

I have worked alongside Mayor Dunlavy and his staff for eight years. Tooele City has not had the economic woes of others because of the financial wisdom of Mayor Dunlavy and his team, primarily Financial Director Glenn Caldwell. These two, with input from the city council, saw the approaching storms of the recent worldwide financial crisis and took steps to prepare for it.

The city saved money, cut costs, put off buying new equipment, and generally “put our financial house in order” so that when the downturn happened, we were ready. Citizens didn’t feel any pinch in services provided and the staff made do with what they had. It was kind of like most households. No income increase (taxes) meant no “extras,” but it was done in such a way that most people didn’t see any change in services provided.

Those of us that were close to the source watched the decisions that were made and know how difficult they were. However, streets still were repaved in the summer and plowed in the winter, activities in parks still went on as usual, new water well sources were explored and drilled, a new park was finished, and a traditional Fourth of July celebration was restored to the delight of everyone.

Soon, we will be building a new fire station on the north end of town and quickly we will be giving the best police force around a proper building in which to do their work. All without any increase in taxes! That says something!

My point is this: We have a wonderful mayor in Tooele City who, with his 40-plus years of experience in working for the city, has proven himself a leader of integrity and honesty. Those are traits that are sometimes hard to find in this world. I encourage all citizens to consider the phrase, “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” when deciding which way to go with the upcoming elections.


Pruden is a member of the Tooele City Council.

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