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January 7, 2014
Things are looking up

Mark McKendrick is still keeping Deseret Peak Complex alive. When they shut it down, someone posted on Facebook what are we going to do now? Smoke dope and drink beer?  Recreation goes down and crime goes up.

I think we should raise taxes to fund it. In my case it will maybe cost me $60 or $70 a year. I have watched a lot of kids grow up at Deseret Peak Complex and I think kids are a good investment.

A year ago the website was full and it was booked solid. Now the website is blank, and there isn’t anyone to answer the phone.

In July, Country Explosion is coming to Deseret Peak. There is going to be a lot of good entertainment there. If you are interested, log on to for details. Good job, Mark. Things are looking up.

A lot of people have moved into the county that weren’t here for the good days of Deseret Peak. I team roped up there a lot. One year, we had a winter series roping. They gave saddles to the high money header and heeler. World Champion Bull Riders Chris Shivers and Mike White put on a bull riding school. We loaned them horses and ropes and had a jackpot while they were here. The arena is still there. Why can’t we do it again?

We had concerts here with Terry Clark, Trace Atkins, Keith Urban and Sugarland. So many people came to the concerts, they had to park on Sheep Lane and walk in.

Now that most of the money from the west desert is going to Texas, the only way we are going to have anything in Tooele County is to pay for it ourselves. This is the only tax that you can get your money’s worth. All you have to do is use the complex.

The people of Tooele County deserve good things too. If you bring back the events, I would be glad to give you even $100 a year to help fund it. Deseret Peak is the best thing that ever happened to this county. As far as taxes go come April, I am going to deduct them when I file my income tax.

Kent Williams


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