Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

June 22, 2022
Things could be worse

In the article about gas prices the headline states, “Gas prices exceed historic highs.”  In the article it is reported that local prices range from $4.94 to $5.09 per gallon. It is then reported that the previous high price was $4.22 in 2008. While gas prices are unquestionably high they are not as high, controlled for inflation, as the 2008 price.  According to two different inflation calculators, and, $4.22 in 2008 dollars would be $5.73 per gallon today. 

For further perspective, gasoline is selling today in Germany for around 2.00 euros per liter.  That calculates roughly to $8.35 per gallon.  

Gas prices are unquestionably high but things could be worse. 

Mark Nash


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