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February 12, 2013
This horse is dead

What is wrong with this picture? Almost everything. After reading Brittany Christensen’s food bank rant in the Feb. 5 Transcript-Bulletin, I sat at my kitchen counter with my jaw agape and my mind areel. What is wrong with this picture indeed.

My first thought was to wonder if the concept of gratitude, self sufficiency or even shame at one’s obvious sense of entitlement exists anymore. My second thought was to simply wait for a few days and attempt to respond rationally (in the possibly vain hope that education works better than public flogging). First, get some basic education as to what “best if used by,” “sell by,” and “expiration” dates actually mean.

Second, none of the meat you buy prepackaged in the supermarket comes like that from the animal. All prepackaged meat has been handled multiple times by people with unknown hand-washing habits. This is one reason we cook our meat before consumption. The statement that she personally would never eat any meat touched by hands other than hers, must somewhat limit her options for dining out.

Third, go on a 24-hour foodless fast so the concept of hunger is more than an abstract idea. Fourth, oh, never mind, this horse is dead. In summation try and comprehend the concept that donated food entails someone making a personal sacrifice to “share” with others and scorning the donated items, shows very poor taste by the donee. Remember the old saying “beggars can’t be choosy.” Nuff said.

Chuck Gerhart


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