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November 14, 2017
Thoroughly disgusted

I walk into our local stores way before Thanksgiving and what do I hear? Lots of Christmas music directed at me. What is wrong with this?

During my short life on this earth, merchants a few decades ago had enough class not to mention this cherished time of year until after Thanksgiving. Further, there was an unspoken agreement hovering in the atmosphere, which promulgated that this sacred music would not be played until after the day in which we give thanks for the temporal blessing that providence has so kindly favored us. This modern practice is nothing but greed. Advertisements and catalogs began arriving even before Halloween, garnished with red and green tinsel, sporting December elves displaying paper packages tied up with ribbon and string. Hints of “Black Friday” sales began appearing weeks ago.

As a human being who must exist during the present period of narcissistic amusement and temporal property, I find that by the end of December, I am thoroughly disgusted with the whole business up to and including the tasteless broadcast of our both time honored and traditional music that has lost its sensitive appeal. As a form of protest, I am going to wear sound suppressors upon entering all offending mercantile establishments until after Thanksgiving. Until that time, we should be forever thankful. “Ain’t you people got no class!”

Ralph E Pierce


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