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December 11, 2012
Thousands use Deseret Peak

In the editorial on Nov. 27 “County tax hike will rob recovery to pay for past sins,” you pointed out the deficit Deseret Peak Complex runs while making it seem that no one in the county uses it. I think some understanding of the complex’s usage is needed. A total of 1,200 children took swimming lessons and 19,000 people passed through the gates at the pool, not counting the thousands of people who attended after-hour parties. A total of 2,700 people have used the motocross track this year. Add in a few thousand girls and boys who use the softball, soccer and football fields, and all the rodeo riders, and the numbers of people participating at the complex really starts to add up. Once you add the 13,000 people who attended the fair, and thousands of parents attending sporting events and rodeos at the complex, using the conference center, camping and using the pavilion, an easy 50,000 visited the complex this year. We didn’t include the thousands who visit the Benson Grist Mill, Fireman’s Museum or Settlement Canyon, which are all parts of the county parks and recreation department. The less than 4 percent park and recreation costs the county budget is a small price for the more than 50,000 users of those facilities. You might not use nor think people use the complex, but most of Tooele County uses it, and all could. The small price it costs the county is priceless to the youth and most adults of our county.

Scott Chance


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