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image Two cars were damaged in separate accidents on I-80 near Timpie Point on Sunday. (Courtesy of Utah Highway Patrol)

January 9, 2018
Three injured by back-to-back single vehicle accidents on I-80

One man was seriously injured and two other vehicle occupants suffered injuries after two separate, single-vehicle accidents came together in the median of Interstate 80 Sunday morning.

The first accident was reported around 10 a.m., according to Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Clint Fawson. Visibility was only about 200 feet at the time due to thick fog and freezing fog stuck to the roads near the crash in the area of Timpie Point.

The first vehicle, a silver Chevy Malibu, was heading eastbound on I-80 when it slid off the slick roadway and into the median, Fawson said. The driver and a passenger got out of the car to check for damage, before determining the car was undamaged.

While the occupants of the first car intended to re-enter the vehicle to drive away, a blue pickup truck lost control on the same section of road, sliding into the median. The truck struck the driver of the silver Malibu, causing significant lower extremity injuries, before colliding with the car still in the median.

The passenger in the car suffered minor injuries after the collision, and a passenger in the truck, which contained the driver and two other occupants, suffered a back injury.

Due to the thick fog at the accident scene, the driver of the silver car had to be transported by medical ambulance to Delle, where he was flown by medical helicopter to a Salt Lake-area hospital, according to Fawson. The condition of the driver was unknown at press time on Tuesday.

Troopers attempted to close the left eastbound lane on I-80 but Fawson said motorists ran over cones put out for traffic control.

Fawson said no citations have been issued in the accident yet, but there will be citations issued.

If motorists get in an accident, it is safer to remain in your vehicle until law enforcement arrives and can secure the scene, Fawson said.

“It’s always best to stay in your vehicle,” he said.

Fawson also reminded motorists to reduce their speed in difficult weather conditions, especially in the winter when slick roads and thick fog are more prevalent.

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