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February 19, 2013
Throw away food?

This letter is in regard to Brittany Christensen’s complaint against the local food bank in the Feb. 5 Transcript Bulletin.

It saddened me to think her family member chose to throw her food order away. Had she the integrity to return the food and present her concern to the proper personnel, I am almost sure she would return items purchased at a local market to satisfy her concerns.

Tooele County continues to have many families needing assistance to feed their families. The homeless population is a real fact. Statistics can be obtained from Karen Kuiper, county homeless coordinator.

A return trip to the food bank would have answered all the questions Ms. Christensen asks in her letter regarding sanitation, expiration dates, rotating food and repacked items.

Lastly, I did not understand the reasoning that she “threw it away so somebody else wouldn’t receive the items.” Did she think destroying her food would solve her perceived problem with the food bank?

Education is never a negative.

Betty Nicholson


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