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March 4, 2021
Time for Tooele City businesses to renew their city license

Tooele City business license applications are overdue, a city official warns.

Every business in Tooele City is required to obtain a business license, according to Shilo Baker, with Tooele City.

Tooele City charges $40 for the license plus $3 per employee, but additional fees may be applicable.

Anyone offering a service from their home, for compensation, requires a Tooele City Business License. This includes contractors even though they may be licensed by the State.

“There are additional fees depending on whether the business requires a grease or interceptor trap, such as restaurants, bakeries, and auto mechanic shops,” said Baker. “These traps could cost an additional $35 or $70 depending on what is required for their business. Also, if the business serves or sells alcohol, there is a $200 fee for the first year and $100 annual fee every year thereafter, as well as licensure requirements through the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.” 

A new business can apply for a business license any time during the year, according to Baker, but businesses that need to renew their licenses must renew them by Dec. 31.

If a business who needs to renew their license didn’t by Dec 31, there is still hope.

Businesses are still able to renew their licenses now, but for an additional fee.

“If the fee to renew is not paid by January 31, then a penalty letter is sent on February 1,” said Baker. “This fee reflects a 50% penalty fee. We send another letter out on March 1 as a reminder. We do give businesses until March 15 and then we try to contact them to see if their business has closed. If they haven’t closed, we again try to encourage them to pay their business fee.”

Cooperating with all business license requirements will save business owners time.

“Please complete your application as completely as possible,” said Baker. “Provide all information required, such as business name, registration, and state tax registration. If inspections are required, please do what they ask as they are making sure that your place of business is safe for both you as the business owner, your employees, and especially the public that comes into your place of business.”

 Tooele City only renews business licenses for businesses located within the city.

“Please contact the appropriate jurisdiction,” Baker said. “Many times Stansbury, Lake Point, or Erda residents call Tooele City to ask about licensing, which is understandable as we are in the same zip code. However, those unincorporated areas of the county fall under Tooele County for their business licenses. Once you obtain the proper business license from where your business is based, whether your home or commercial location, you are actually allowed to do business throughout the state as each city is trying to honor each other’s license. Depending on the type of business, it is still a good idea to check with the local jurisdiction, as they may require copies of your licensure and then give you a license to operate in their city with payment of a nominal fee.”

If a business license is not paid, however, a fine of up to $1000 or imprisonment for 90 days, or both, may occur, according to Baker.

ALL door‐to‐door salespersons operating in Tooele City must be licensed with the city and carry a city issued ID badge for the current year in plain sight. Badges expired at the end of December 2020 and must be renewed.  

If a salesperson appears at a door who is not wearing a badge, residents can call the Tooele City Recorder’s Office at 435‐843‐2110 or after hours, after 5 p.m. or on weekends, call Tooele County Dispatch at 435‐882‐5600. Please give County Dispatch a complete description of the individual and the direction they are headed. 

To renew or apply for a business license, please visit or call Lisa Carpenter at 435-843-2110.

Tooele City encourages small businesses.

“Local officials value all of our businesses and we know that small businesses are vital to our local economy,” Baker said. “We strive to be business friendly. People can support small businesses by shopping local.” 

Tooele City has a local resource for small businesses run by the Small Business Development Center at the Tooele Technical College.

“Whether you are just starting a business or if you are an established business, this group’s expertise and free services include business planning and counseling, feasibility analysis, financial management, strategic marketing, and capital investment assistance and training,” said Baker. 

In order to utilize the group’s service, business owners or potential business owners can contact Jess Clifford at 435-248-1892.


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