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March 8, 2022
To Grantsville City officials

I am writing to express my disappointment, sadness and extreme displeasure at what you have allowed to happen to my neighborhood on north Cooley Street. Every single tree in front of my property has been destroyed. Every single tree, along a frontage of over 1,200 feet. They have obliterated perhaps the single most beloved and picturesque location in Grantsville. And this because former Mayor Marshall did not like those trees. No consideration was given to the feelings and wishes of the residents, of which both you and he were fully aware based on numerous submitted letters and emails, nor to the hundreds of people who came for family photographs under those iconic arching branches and to share memories with their children.

Furthermore, we were given no notice of what was about to happen. We found out on Wednesday morning when the track hoe began ripping out trees.

It did not have to be this way. The sewer line could have been run under the street, as is often done. This would have gotten the utility through, while preserving the historic character of our lane, and respecting the pleas of the residents here to save our beautiful lane, and not let them do what they have done. Alternatively, enough trees could have been removed to accommodate the sewer line as planned, while leaving some of the trees. At least those in front of our home, many of which were big, healthy and 40-years-old. But the orders were for the removal of every living tree and there was no way to change or modify that order.

I would refer you to the General Plan, specifically the section entitled “Maintain Community Character,” and the stated goal to “ensure the small-town character is retained.”

Lip service and hollow promise. The community character of my neighborhood has been damaged beyond repair. In spite of all opposition and refusing to consider any alternatives, Cooley Lane has been sacrificed for the profit of Mr. Lovell.

It is gone. I can not count the times I have walked out into that lane, looked northward, and thanked the Lord for that quiet piece of the country. But it’s gone, and the entire city of Grantsville is poorer for the loss. I invite you to drive down north Cooley and admire the change in scenery. The bare earth where the trees from the east arched invitingly over the road to meet those arching from the west. I hope you may have taken a chance to enjoy it while you could. That beautiful spot is lost forever. Forgive me if I have lost confidence in city government.

Patrick Hearty


One thought on “To Grantsville City officials

  1. I was really sorry to hear they did this. I remember going out there in my teens. It is something that has remained in my memory. I don’t live in Tooele anymore and as I drive into town through Grantsville I always look over to see those trees and think I will take a little drive over there sometime – I took for granted that those trees would always be there.

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