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October 10, 2019
Tooele approves preliminary plans for townhomes

The Tooele City Planning Commission approved a preliminary plan and site plan design review for a proposed new subdivision Wednesday at City Hall.

Tooele City planner and zoning administrator Andrew Aagard presented the plans for the proposed multi-residential subdivision called Mountain Valley Townhomes.

The proposed townhouse subdivision plan, submitted by Matt Carter of Mountain Valley Townhomes LLC, outlined a plat at 750 N. 100 East.

The subdivision, categorized under MR16 multi-family residential zoning, will have 44 individual townhomes ranging in size from 2,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet, Aagard said.

The development consists of eight building blocks containing three, five and six townhomes.

According to Tooele City code, the purpose of MR-16 residential zoning is to provide an environment and opportunities for high density residential uses, including single family detached and attached residential units, apartments, condominiums and townhouses. 

Multi-family residential developments are required by Tooele City Code 7-11a to have amenities in the common area, Aagard said.

According to the site plan design review, the development will have three amenities to be used and enjoyed by residents of the development. The planned common areas include a children’s play structure, sports court and picnic areas. 

In accordance with city code and per the site plan review, the development will also be enclosed by a 6-foot solid vinyl fence, a stormwater retention basin maintained by the Mountain Valley Townhomes homeowners association, and signage indicating the purpose and location of the subdivision.

The roads outlined on the subdivision plat will be private streets, owned and maintained by the development’s HOA. City staff and the development engineers have worked to make the roads as wide as possible while still maintaining enough space for building setbacks and necessary open space, according to Aagard. 

“The remaining areas [on the site plan] are classified as common areas and are to be maintained by the development’s homeowners association,” he said.

Tooele City code also requires a minimum of two parking stalls per unit and one of those stalls must be covered parking. Each unit in the development will have a two-car garage and a driveway large enough to accommodate two vehicles.

“There is a slight issue concerning guest parking,” Aagard said. “Tooele City ordinance requires guest parking at a ratio of one stall for every four units. At 44 units, this development requires 11 parking stalls but it is only proposing nine currently. Staff is requesting that the planning commission approve this site plan with a condition that two additional visitor parking stalls be added at the eastern end of 730 North Street. This will be verified with final plan submittal. 

“I consulted the site engineer and he said it should not be a problem to add those two stalls,” Aagard said.

The Tooele City Planning Division submitted its review of the site plan design and review with a recommendation it be approved by the planning commission.

The planning commission unanimously approved the preliminary plan and site plan review on the condition that all basic building conditions include parking needs are met and outlined in the final plan from Mountain Valley Townhomes LLC.


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