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October 14, 2021
Tooele approves storage yards

GTM Builders, will be constructing two new contractor’s storage yards in Tooele City to help them with their business.

Andrew Aagard, city planner, presented a conditional use permit for a new contractor’s storage yard located  on 1.08 acres at 1676 Progress Way during the Tooele City Planning Commission’s meeting on Wednesday night. 

The property where the company would like to build their storage yard is located in the light industrial zoning district.

The company would also like to allow other similar contractor businesses to use the property as a storage yard where they will store materials, supplies, equipment, and vehicles.

One of the other businesses that will store things on the property is Oquirrh Mountain Services, a plumbing, electric, heating and air company.

“The applicant primarily wants to store vehicles in the yard,” Aagard said.

The other companies have not yet been announced. 

The company won’t conduct business from the property, as the property will only be used as a storage yard.

The applicant, Steve Evens, owner of GTM builders addressed the commission prior to their public hearing.

“We love being in Tooele,”Evens said. “We love working here. We love employing a large percentage of Tooele and we hope that this gets approved, so we can continue on.” 

During the public hearing, no comments were made and at the end of the discussion all members of the commission voted to approve the conditional use permit.

GTM builders recently submitted a conditional use permit request for another contractor’s storage yard located in a different part of the city.

During the meeting, Aagard presented their second request.

“The reason why we have two separate applications for this is because they are two separate properties,” Aagard explained.

GTM Builders would like to construct their second storage yard at 382 E. 2000 North in the light industrial zone on 3.13 acres of property.

A public hearing was also held regarding the second conditional use permit request but no comments were made.

All members of the commission voted to approve the permit.


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