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October 15, 2020
Tooele Associates requests zone change for 43 acres from residential to industrial in Overlake

2000 North 1200 West may be home to shipping container manufacturer 

The Tooele City Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for a zone change application for property owned by Tooele Associates, the developer of Overlake.

Tooele Associates, represented by Drew Hall, wants to rezone their 43.08 acres of land at 2000 North 1200 West in Overlake from R1-7 residential to I-indutrial.

The R1-7 zone supports five dwelling units per acre.

The purpose of the R1-7 zone is to “provide a range of housing choices to meet the needs of city residents, to offer a balance of housing types and densities, and to preserve and maintain the city’s residential areas free from activity that may weaken strength of the areas,” according to Aagard.

Common uses of the zone include single family dwellings, two-family dwellings, and multi-family dwellings. Also allowed are parks, open space areas, pedestrian pathways, trains and walkways, utility facilities and public service uses that meet the needs of the city.

The purpose of the I-indisutrial zone, according to Aagard, is to recognize existing industrial sites and uses and allow for the establishment of additional industrial uses which add to employment opportunities and economic diversity in the city.

Hall requested that the land be changed to the I-industrial zone to facilitate industrial manufacturing and heavy commercial development on the property.

Tooele Associates’ property is surrounded by various zoning districts.

To the north of the property, the zoning was recently changed from R1-7 to LI light industrial.

To the west, property is currently zoned GC-general commercial and to the south, property is mostly zoned GC.

The east property was recently rezoned to I-industrial.

Most of the property surrounding the subject property is vacant land, according to Aagard.

Aagard stated the difference between the R1-7 zone and the industrial zone are like “day and night.”

The industrial zone is reserved for commercial, manufacturing, and heavy industrial activities with some minimal residential uses such as caretaker apartments for businesses such as storage units. Otherwise residential uses such as single-family homes, duplexes, apartments and so forth are not permitted in the zoning district.

This zone exists to permit a place for locally unwanted land uses to occur, said Aagard.

Some of those uses can be gravel pits, which are operating to the south, recycling centers, junk yards, chemical storage and manufacture and so forth.

According to Aagard, the R1-7 residential zone is Tooele City’s most prevalent single-family residential zone.

Commercial uses in the zone are limited to home occupations and must adhere to the standards of Tooele City’s Home Occupation ordinance. There are no industrial or commercial uses permitted within a R1-7 residential zoning district.

This is why Hall wants to change his property to the industrial zone.

The closest residence to the property is 3,000 feet away.

There is some RR-5 zoning located to the north that is considerably closer, however, the RR-5 zone tends to be a holding zone pending future planning.

The RR-5 Residential zoning district is approximately 100 feet away from the subject property.

The subject property is largely currently landlocked except for one narrow, approximately 60-foot-wide strip of land extending from the south east corner of the property to SR-112.

This area is unimproved but could be utilized as an access and is under the ownership of Tooele Associates Settlement Agreement, which took effect in Aug. 2014.

The property is located within the 1000 North West Industrial Community Reinvestment Project Area, according to Aagard.

During the meeting, a public hearing was held. A comment was made by Hall.

Hall said that he had a manufacturer in place to develop the property.

He also stated that he had created a collapsible container that would be used to ship goods across the United States by way of train.

At the property, he would like to work on a device that fits on the top loader that moves the containers, called an actuator, said Hall.

At the end of the discussion a vote was taken by the commission. All of the members of the commission voted to forward a positive recommendation to the city council to rezone the property.


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