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December 22, 2020
Tooele City Council approves facelift for golf clubhouse deck

$58,615 of PAR tax approved for new deck surface and repairs 

The Tooele City Council approved repairs to the city’s golf course,  Oquirrh Hills, during their Dec. 16 regular meeting at Tooele City Hall. 

Tooele City Parks and Recreations Director Darwin Cook  presented the request for the improvements during the meeting, 

Cook told the City Council that the wood deck on the outside of the clubhouse building needed to be resurfaced.

Prior to the discussion, Cook reminded the City Council that the previously approved 2021 budget included the PAR tax that will be used for this project.

When the city council approved the budget, they allocated $55,000 for just the resurfacing project, he said.

A bid from Grizzly Construction Landscaping and Construction LLC, out of Stansbury Park was recently made for $52,979 for the resurfacing.

“When we met with them, it was identified that some lower steps were in a condition that it was recommended that they were also replaced at this exact same time,” said Cook.

Cook said that the contractors said that it would be necessary to replace the steps leading up to the deck, so that resurfacing work could be done.

He also said that the contractors said that it would be necessary to replace the hand railing on the two steps.

The improvements for the deck included: resurfacing work, other deck restoration, ADA ramp work, removing existing deck surface and stair tread, fixing damaged joists and beams, and adding a concrete ramp and replacing concrete landing and a handrail, according to Cook.

After all the needed repairs were included, a new bid was placed for $58,615.93, which would come out of the city’s PAR tax allotment.

Tony Graff, Tooele City Council member, asked Cook what the surface of the deck was going to be replaced with.

Cook told Graff and the other members of the city council that the deck surfacing would be replaced with composite material.

“The existing surface is Trex,” he said, speaking of the composite material that’s currently on the deck. “It was used when Trex was first introduced into the construction industry. It wasn’t as good as it is now. They recognize some flaws in that and weathering is causing it to break down. The newer generation of composite will help it hold up a lot better.”

At the end of the meeting a vote was taken.

“The contractor is ready to get started,” said Cook.

All of the members of the city council voted to approve the needed improvements.

The project will begin very soon, according to Cook.

PAR tax is a 0.10% sales tax approved by Tooele voters to fund approved parks, arts, and recreation projects.


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