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May 21, 2020
Tooele City council approves Industrial Depot subdivision

The Tooele City council voted to approve a request for a minor subdivision on Garnet Street in Tooele City.

The applicant, Aaron Peterson, representing Peterson Industrial Depot, submitted a request to the city earlier this month to create a 52.3-acre subdivision at 455 S. Garnet Street located in the Peterson Industrial Depot.

Peterson is requested that the subdivision be approved to finalize the split of the 52.3 acre parcel into two large industrial lots.

The first lot will consist of 39.8 acres and the second lot will be 12.5 acres.

Each lot will have access from both Garnet Street and B Avenue, both of these streets have public access.

The property is currently zoned as industrial.

Historically used as a racetrack, the property currently is home to a water tank and a parking lot, according to Tooele City planning staff.

The industrial zone does not have any requirements for minimum lot size. The zone does however require minimum 80-foot-wide lots. Both lots meet that requirement with space to spare, according to the staff report on the rezone request.

On May 13, members of the planning commission voted yes on this issue.

At the City Council meeting yesterday evening, all five of the members voted to approve the subdivision.


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