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October 13, 2020
Tooele City Council discusses apiaries

Beekeeping to be allowed in single-family residential areas 

The Tooele City Council discussed apiaries during their Oct. 7 meeting at Tooele City Hall. 

Roger Baker, Tooele City attorney, presented information on Tooele City code 7-14-10, which covers apiaries or places where bee colonies are kept by beekeepers.

Most of the discussion centered on the use of apiaries in single-family zoning classifications.

City code needed to be corrected to clarify the City’s intent that apiaries are allowed in single family residential districts, but not in multi-family unit districts, according to Baker.

“Apiaries are allowed in all of the single-family zoning districts, but not in any of the multi-family zoning districts,” Baker said.

During the meeting a public hearing was held. No comments by the public were made.

The vote to approve the change in the City code was unanimous.

Prior to this change, Tooele City code stated that up to four colonies may be kept on a parcel of property 1-acre or less in size, but didn’t specify which zoning classifications they were allowed in.

The code said that each additional colony over four would require one-quarter acre of land in addition to the base 1-acre.

For example: six colonies required at least 1.5 acres, ten colonies required at least 2.5 acres, and no more than 20 colonies could be kept on any parcel or group of parcels under common ownership.

The keeping of more than four colonies requires a business license, according to the code.

The code also states that when a colony is situated within 25 feet of a developed public or private property line, the beekeeper shall establish and maintain a flyway barrier at least six feet in height consisting of a solid wall or fence parallel to the property line and extending ten feet beyond the colony in each direction.

Each beekeeper has to be registered with the state’s Department of Agriculture and Food.


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