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December 3, 2020
Tooele City Council issues a public call

Council asks for increased civility, respect for human life, freedom of expression, and property 

During the Tooele City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, the council unanimously approved a resolution calling for increased civility, respect for human life, freedom of expression, and property.

During the meeting, Scott Wardle, council member presented the discussion.

“This has been a six-month process on writing a resolution that is one of the first that I remember as part of my experience as a city council member,” Wardle stated opening the discussion.

Because of a discussion with Nicholeen Peck, an author and public speaker, between the mayor and city council members regarding the importance of life, the city council decided they needed to talk about the importance of life.

I’ve written that this year will go down as the beginning of the coronavirus,” stated Wardle speaking about what he wrote in the city council meeting minutes regarding the discussion. “As of tonight, the latest statistics, there have been 1,293,181 deaths world-wide.”

Wardle also stated that there have been 52,733,281 cases throughout the world since the beginning of the pandemic.

“This has affected everyone— men, women, children, families, and communities,” he said. “In our own particular community, we have had an earthquake that rattled us pretty good. We have lost beloved members of our community to this disease and friends, so as we’ve gone through some very difficult times and will continue to go through, I thought it was important to acknowledge that tonight-that we’ve had teachers and students who have had their lives completely disrupted in their education.”

Wardle stated that students and teachers have had to learn different ways and deal with stress related to that education.

He said that the economic effect on families and businesses is “very real.”

Wardle also said that there has been discrimination against families racially and extreme riots have broken out because of political contest.

“Our communities have been affected by violence, because of the inability to address the government concerning these matters,” he said. “There has been pent up frustration for years in classes that we simply have overlooked or not understood.”

Because of these issues and the discussion with Peck, the city council and mayor decided that a resolution needed to be passed stating the importance of increased civility, respect for human life, freedom of expression, and property.

“We declare that human life, regardless of age or circumstance must be protected by the law of our society,” said Wardle reading the proposed resolution.

Wardle stated that the city council and the mayor respected legislation from the state and national government that protects human life.

“We invite all to teach the value of each individual regardless of sex, age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religious belief, philosophies, or disability and to treat all people, especially those who we differ in any area with respect, civility, and dignity,” he said.

Wardle also said that the local leaders had the right to demand such things from the public.

“We demand that we do better and respect better,” he said.

At the end of the discussion, the city council took a vote on the proposed resolution calling all members of the public to respect others and all of the members of the council voted to approve the resolution.


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