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image Am employee of Abstract Masonry Restoration works on cleaning and restoring the bricks on Tooele City Hall on Thursday morning.

February 18, 2021
Tooele City Hall to get a good cleaning

Goodbye watermarks 

The Tooele City Council approved the  cleaning and restoration of bricks at the city during their meeting on Wednesday evening.

Tooele City Mayor, Debbie Winn told the City Council about the cleaning and restoration project during their meeting

During a previous City Council meeting, Winn said the city council approved the cleaning and restoration agreement by Abstract Masonry Restoration Inc., a company based out of Salt Lake City.

The company started work Monday, according to Winn with a bid of $87,000. 

“I didn’t think they would be able to start because of the snow but they weathered the storm and as you can tell there is a great difference to the building,” she said.

The company cleaned and reclaimed the bricks on the north side and moved to part of the front of the building.

“I am so tired of those watermarks on the building,” said Winn. “How terrible it looked when we would take pictures of things. I believe we are taking good care of the building by not only cleaning it but by sealing the brick, so it will keep the staining off it so it will continue to be a beautiful building.”

Winn said that the parks department helped by moving sprinklers away from the building to keep them clean.

All of the members of the city council voted to approve the cleaning and restoration to the bricks during the Wednesday evening meeting. 

“We have a responsibility to take care of this building,” said Winn. 


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