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September 10, 2020
Tooele City may soon be getting a new zoning district

The Tooele City Planning Commission discussed adding a new industrial zoning district to the City’s list of zoning districts during their meeting on Wednesday night.

Currently, there are two industrial zoning districts in the City— the light industrial and the industrial.

The purpose of the light industrial district is to provide locations for light industrial assembly and manufacturing uses that produce no appreciable negative impact to adjacent properties.

The light industrial district encourages clean, light industrial and manufacturing uses which provide employment opportunities for city residents, strengthen the city’s tax base, and diversify the local economy, according to City code.

The industrial district is formulated to recognize existing industrial sites and uses within the city and to allow for the establishment of additional industrial uses which add to employment opportunities and economic diversity within the city.

City officials would like to add the “IS” district, which stands for industrial service.

City staff  have looked at the definitions of the different zones and looked at if anything needed to be broken apart, combined, or more clearly defined in the definitions, said Jim Bolser, city community development director during the meeting.

Bolser said that city officials would like to add the industrial services district to provide locations for more intensive service type uses for the benefit of the community and the regional area.

This new district would encourage clean uses which provide employment opportunities for City residents, strengthen the city’s tax base, and diversify the local economy.

Along with adding the new zone, Bolser said that city officials added the IS district to table 7-1-5 of the City code.

This table assigns different land uses and assigns them to be either a permitted, conditional, or non-permitted. 

Permitted land uses in the IS district would be: an accessory building, agricultural land use, automobile sales and rental, automobile services and repair, building maintenance services, and contractor’s offices, among others.

Conditional land uses that would be allowed in the IS district include: auto impound yards, campground travel and trailer parks, contractor’s storage yards, daycare centers, and distribution centers, among others.

At this point the new IS district is in the discussion phase, so no vote was taken on Wednesday night during the meeting. 

The planning commission and staff will continue their discussion during a future meeting.


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