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March 29, 2016
Tooele City needs recycling

For many years, I have saved my daily newspapers and cardboard boxes and hauled them to the various recycling containers at locations throughout town, mostly the schools.

A couple of weeks ago, I again was taking my bag of papers to the recycle container located at the school near my home. Imagine my dismay when I discovered there was no longer a container at that particular school. I then proceeded to go to the various other places around town that had containers in the past. There were no containers to be found, so I brought my bag of paper items back home.

I called the Tooele City office and was informed that they had nothing to do with those containers, and that the school board had an arrangement with the company that owned the containers and dumped them at various times.  I called the school board office and was informed that the company that owned the containers had decided they no longer wanted to come to Tooele to pick them up. I then called the Tooele County Landfill and also Green Box and was informed that neither one of them recycled paper or plastic items. The only things they recycle are metal products.

I am certain that I am not the only person in town that hauled paper items and card board to the recycle containers. Many times when I took my papers to dump them, the containers were so full that I had to go all over town to find a container for them.

It is unfortunate that Tooele City does not have a program for recycling paper or plastic products.  Grantsville does have a program for these services, so I wonder why Tooele does not get on the bandwagon to help save our environment.

Come on Tooele City. Join the fight to save our precious resources.

Frances Arbon


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