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image The area outlined in red is the subject of a land use change requested by the property owner to allow a light industrial business.

March 25, 2021
Tooele City Planning Commission approves land use amendment for manufacturing company

The Tooele City Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of a land use amendment for a manufacturing company during its meeting on Wednesday evening.

During the meeting, Andrew Aagard, city planner presented the request to reassign the land use designation by Mark Jensen of Off-Road Innovations Inc.

The property is located on 8.81 acres at approximately 2400 N. 600 East, east of Liddiard Home Furnishings.

The property is currently zoned GC general commercial, according to Aagard, 

Properties to the north are zoned research development, properties to the south are zoned light industrial, to the west they are zoned general commercial, and property to the east is located in unincorporated Tooele County.

Currently, the property is designated as MDR medium density residential, according to Aagard.

This designation incorporates the R1-7, R1-8, and R1-10 residential zoning districts.

“These zones are specific to single family and duplex style uses,” stated Aagard. “The only commercial use permitted in these zones are home-based businesses.”

Properties to the north are also assigned the MDR designation, according to Aagard.

Properties to the west are assigned the RC commercial resignation, and to the south, the land is zoned as light industrial.

The applicant told Aagard that they wanted to reassign the land use designation from MDR medium density residential to CC community commercial and LI light industrial.

The eastern 2.1-acre parcel of the land would be assigned to the light industrial zoning classification, per the applicants request.

“This will in turn permit a small manufacturing company on the property,” Aagard stated.

Although Aagard told members of the commission that a small manufacturing company, that will manufacture nitrogen struts and accessories for off-road vehicles, could be built on the property, he did not say the name of the business.

The remaining 6.5 acres on the property will be assigned community commercial land.

When the discussion was complete, a public hearing was held.

Steve Tobias, a broker representing Off-Road Innovations Inc. told members of the commission that the company wanted to develop the 6.5 acres into commercial pad sites to rent out to other businesses or individuals.

He also said that on the east 2.1 acres they would like to build their business.

“They are originally from Georgia,” said Tobias speaking about the business. “They create these nitrogen struts for off road vehicles to create a suspension. In 2002 they opened up their manufacturing plant and they are now are distributing world-wide through 121 dealers and they want to bring a second location here to Tooele.”

Tobias said that the company planned to employ about 10 to 40 individuals with a pay range of $12 to $40 an hour.

All of the members of the planning commission voted to send a positive recommendation to the city council.


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