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August 27, 2020
Tooele City police catch mystery graffiti artist

Unlikely clue leads to arrest  

The Tooele City police have caught a man who they said has committed over 40 acts of vandalism by graffiting different structures around the city.

An unlikely clue led police to discover the vandal’s identity, according to Sgt. Jeremy Hansen, Tooele City Police Department’s public information officer. 

Beginning in early summer 2019, police started seeing a graffiti tag appearing around town with the letters D and E,  according to Hansen.

However, the person responsible for the graffiti eluded detectives.

Meanwhile, Tooele City police detective Colbey Bentley was working on solving a death investigation case, not related to the graffiti.

When a detective helping Bentley arrived at a home related to the case, he saw a model train car that had the letters “D and E” written on it.

He immediately sent Bentley a text about what he had seen.

Police were able to connect the letters D and E on the model train car to the graffiti around town.

When police asked the man at the home, who has since been identified as 44-year-old Guy Hale, he admitted that he was the one who had graffitied over 40 structures throughout the city, according to Hansen. 

Police booked Hale into the Tooele County jail for second degree vandalism.

“It’s generally gang graffiti and usually it’s teens or young adults,” stated Hansen. “It’s kind of an interesting case, because it’s probably our biggest graffiti arrests in 10 years.


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