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July 28, 2020
Tooele City preliminary plat request

The Tooele City planning commission met Wednesday evening to discuss a request for approval of a subdivision preliminary plat located at approximately 1600 North Aaron Drive.

During the meeting, Andrew Aagard, Tooele City planner presented the request.

The property, which contains 10.22 acres of land, is currently zoned R1-7 residential.

The applicant, Michael Brodsky, representing Hamlet Development Corp., would like to build 40 single-family homes on the property.

The R1-7 zone currently supports five dwelling units per acre, according to city code.

Properties to the north of the subject property are located in the “P” Overlake zone and are currently utilized as single-family residential and limited commercial and office spaces. To the south and east is the Union Pacific Railroad with general commercial and MR-16 zoning beyond.

According to Aagard, the preliminary plan is the first step to approving the subdivision on the existing piece of land and dividing the land into smaller single-family residential lots ranging in size from 7,035 square feet up to 15,380 feet.

Each proposed lot in the subdivision meets minimum lot size, lot width, and lot frontage, according to Aagard.

All streets within the subdivision will be dedicated as public rights-of-way and will become Tooele City’s responsibility for maintenance.

A 27,904-square-foot storm water detention basin will be created on the property.

The storm water detention basin will be landscaped by the developer and one day turned over to Tooele City for ownership and maintenance.

The developer wants to plant low maintenance grass seed around the basin.

An irrigation system will also be installed on the property, along with a footpath along the perimeter of the basin with a “tot lot” or playground located at the southern end of the land.

The developer will install a variety of trees along the perimeter of the basin as well.

Tooele City Park and Recreation Department has reviewed the landscaping design and recommended approval of the request.

The park strip along Aaron Drive and Berra Boulevard will be landscaped by the developer and turned over to the North Tooele Special Services District for maintenance, according to Aagard.

The park strips will be landscaped with gravel and commercial weed barrier.

An in ground irrigation drip system will also be installed in the park strip which will provide water for shrubs and trees that will be planted there.

The park strip landscaping plan has been reviewed and approved by the North Tooele Special Services District.

During the planning commission meeting, all of the members of the commission except for commissioner Hammer voted to approve the request and send a positive recommendation to the city council.


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