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January 14, 2021
Tooele City recommends 36 lot plan in sensitive overlay area

The Tooele City Planning Commission recommended that the City Council approve the preliminary subdivision plan for the Hidden Hollow subdivision during their meeting on Wednesday Night at Tooele City Hall.

The subdivision is located at approximately 600 South Oakridge Drive in the R1-12 residential zoning district. The plan shows 36 lots.

The property is located south of Skyline Drive in the foothills below an existing city water storage tank.

Tooele City Attorney Roger Baker filled in the planning commission with information about the city’s history with the property.

“Over a decade ago, Tooele City purchased and traded for this property and that was done with the intent of preserving open sensitive area spaces,” Baker said. “After that transaction, we analyzed the slopes of the whole property and determined that this portion of it could be developed under the sensitive area overlay.” 

Baker noted that there is some property nearby that the city has preserved where nothing can be built.

According to Aagard, the three ordinances  govern development in the area.

The property is located in the R1-12 zoning district and the sensitive area overlay, due to the prevalence of slope and drainage issues in the area.

“The sensitive area overlay places specific restrictions on how much grading can be done on each lot and how close the structures grading needs to be done,” Aagard said.  “On each lot, there are buildable parcels that maintain a certain slope. The rest of the lots will maintain relatively undisturbed. The purpose of the sensitive area overlay is to minimize the disturbance on the hillside as much as possible.” 

It is also located within the Bison Ridge PUD, which was approved in 2008.

Sutherland wants to divide the 16.9 acres into 36 single-family residential lots ranging in size from 12,000-square-feet up to 32,000-square-feet, Aagard said.

Each lot has been evaluated by city staff for the R1-12 zoning district, the sensitive overlay district, and the Bison Ridge PUD. They meet or exceed the requirements of city code and plans.

Aagard said there may be two lots located within the potential subdivision that the public works department may have a problem with, because of two water lines that run next to the properties within ten feet of the properties.

“Generally speaking the planning commission liked the project,” said planning commission member Chris Sloan. “It’s a beautiful area. The city and developer have been working to not build on spaces that aren’t too steep. However, there is some concern about proximity to the waterline.” 

Sloan said the public works dept and the developer may have to work out the close proximity to the waterline. 

At the end of the meeting, all of the members of the planning commission voted to send a positive recommendation to the City Council regarding the plan request.


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