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image Tooele City warns drivers that cars can not be parked on the street during snow storms. Cars parked on a city street may be ticketed.

November 11, 2021
Tooele City reminds residents about winter parking rules

As the weather cools down and winter approaches, the Tooele City Police Department is proactively reminding citizens that winter parking regulations have changed, and will be enforced.

The Tooele City Council changed the city’s winter parking ordinance on May 8, 2020 after several discussions in city council and the planning commission meetings.

The new ordinance states that it is illegal to park on the street while it is snowing or when snow or ice or any amount has accumulated on the road.

Following the parking ordinance helps our snow plow drivers to be able to consistently keep our roads clear from snow and ice,” said Tooele City Police Detective Colbey Bentley. “When cars are left parked on the road while it is snowing, our snow plow drivers have to go around them which in turn leaves snow on the road. This can create hazardous road conditions, especially if it is an ongoing problem. In addition to this, sometimes loose gravel on the road can become a projectile and hit nearby cars that are parked on the road.”

Emergency vehicles are exempt from the ordinance.

Prior to the new ordinance, individuals could not park their vehicles on any city street from Nov. 1 to March 31 during the hours of 2 to 6 a.m.

Before a ticket is issued, a warning is usually given, according to Bentley.

“Our officers strive to inform the public of the need to not park on the streets when snow plows are actively trying to clear snow,” Bentley said. “Because of this, warnings are generally given first before a ticket is issued. This way, the resident becomes aware of the issue and has an opportunity to find a more appropriate parking spot for their vehicle in the future.” 

Failure to comply with the new parking ordinance will result in a $50 fine for the violation and if the fine is not paid within 15 days, the amount goes up to $100.

“It is possible to receive multiple fines during the winter if the issue is not resolved by the registered owner of the car,” Bentley said.

Some residents of the city say they don’t have room to park their cars in their driveway.

“We understand that some residents may not have enough parking spaces to accommodate all of the vehicles they may have,” Bentley said. “Because of this, we see some residents park their vehicles on the nature strip on their property. This is not allowed, so we ask residents to refrain from doing this. It’s best to start planning ahead now on how to accommodate parking your vehicles, rather than waiting until we begin to see a large influx of snow in the coming months.

“We know this ordinance can be difficult for some residents to accommodate but we ask that every effort is made in trying to follow this. It’s not an enjoyable experience for our officers to have to issue a citation for winter parking violations. We appreciate the opportunity we have to serve the residents of Tooele city and hope by enforcing this issue that we can help provide safer roads for everyone.”


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