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July 23, 2020
Tooele City subdivision plan advanced for storage units

Subdivision proposed for light industrial lot on 2400 North 

The Tooele City planning commission met Wednesday evening to discuss a request for a subdivision preliminary plan located at 572 East 2400 North, east of the Adult Probation and Parole office on 2400 North.

During the meeting, Andrew Aagard, Tooele City planner presented the request to members of the planning commission.

The request was submitted by Devin Meier, representing DJM Real Estate Holdings.

Meier is requesting that a subdivision preliminary plan be approved to allow for the development of the currently vacant site as a storage unit facility, according to Aagard.

The proposed subdivision will create an industrial lot where the storage units will be constructed, as well the dedication of a right-of-way for 540 East.

The 4.66 acres of land is currently located in an LI, light industrial, zone.

Properties to the east, west, and south are all zoned light industrial and are mostly vacant.

Property to the north of the subject property is also zoned light industrial and will eventually be developed as an industrial office and warehouse park, according to Aagard.

The proposed subdivision isn’t like other subdivisions in that it doesn’t take an existing piece of land and split it into two or more pieces of land.

According to Aagard, the proposed plat accomplishes a few necessary steps for development.

The subdivision shifts the western lot line 66 feet to the west, which enables enough property to accommodate an extension of 540 East Street.

It also creates a platted industrial lot, as well as a way for the 66 foot right-of-way to be dedicated to Tooele City as a public street.

According to Aagard the lot is “straight forward.”

It is a 4.66 acre post road dedication and is 390 feet wide by 511 feet deep.

There are no lot size restrictions in the LI light industrial zone other than maintaining a minimum lot width of 60 feet.

The dedication of 540 East Street will enable public street access to lot 1 of the subdivision which will prevent the lot from becoming landlocked, according to Aagard.

The dedication of the street will also provide public street access to areas which were previously inaccessible and may allow for additional development in the area.

During the meeting, the members of the planning commission took a vote and all of the members voted to approve the request.

The request will move onto the city council for a discussion and vote.


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