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image In Tooele City’s effort to find suitable water sources, Red Delpapa Memorial Park was determine to be one of the three test sites where test well drilling will be conducted.

October 22, 2019
Tooele City to begin drilling three new test wells in search of water

To prepare for future growth, Tooele City’s hunt for more water is set with drilling to begin at three test well sites. 

They include Red Delpapa Memorial Park on 1st Street, near 1500 North and Berra Boulevard behind Walmart, and near the Tooele City Wastewater Reclamation Facility in Erda.

Sound walls will be constructed at the Red Delpapa Park test site.

The test well drilling program is to identify options for additional culinary water sources to help meet the city’s growth demands in accordance with the city’s Culinary Water Master Plan.

Tooele City Engineer Paul Hansen said that the drills will be implemented for testing only and not for full production.

Upon completion of the test well drilling program, the city will have additional information to assist in determining where and how best to develop full production wells, Hansen said.

“When water at the sites is determined to be a good source, we hope to fully develop all three,” Hansen said. “We may find that none are productive, but they are our next best option to develop water in the city.”

Hansen presented resolution 2019-75 at Wednesday’s City Council work meeting. The resolution approves a contract change order with Hydro Resources – Rocky Mountain, Inc. for the drilling of the three test wells.

As per Tooele City Resolution 2018-22, the city entered into a contract with Hydro Resources- Rocky Mountain for drilling a well near the Tooele City Fire Station but abandoned completion of the project due to unsuitable groundwater development conditions. 

Hydro Resources – Rocky Mountain submitted a cost proposal of $722,020 for drilling and construction of the three test wells. Tooele City calculated the net increase to the proposed change order to be $92,379.00, Hansen said.

“This funding will come out of [the water impact fee revenue fund] to support a new source of development,” he said.

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, the council approved an increase to a contingency of $63,100.

The contingency represents 5% of the total contract amount and it is put in place for potential change orders that may arise during the project, Hansen said.

For inquiries regarding the test well project, Tooele City asks that all calls be made to the Public Works Department at 435-843-2130.


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