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October 5, 2022
Tooele City works on chip seal projects

Tooele City works on chip seal projects 

Drivers in Tooele City may have run into closures unexpectedly and noticed some roads that are darker, shinier, and are even easier to drive on. 

This is a result of Tooele City’s recent chip seal projects. The projects began on Sept. 26 and will be finished Wednesday, Oct. 5.

Chip seal is a pavement surface treatment that combines one or more layers of asphalt with one or more layers of fine aggregate — a coarse-to medium-grained material — usually used on lower trafficked roads, such as rural roads.

Chip seal is also known as “tar-seal” or “tar and chip.”

The process began on Sept. 26 on 100 East where Tooele City removed existing green bike lanes from 1000 North to 400 South. Crews will mark the lanes after the road seal is complete, according to Tooele City Mayor Debbie Winn.

Instead of repainting the entire lane green, crews will paint a bike symbol and a green square behind in an effort to save money, while still meeting traffic design standards.

The bike lanes were originally installed in 2019 as a Utah Transit Authority project using a grant from the U.S Department of Transportation and matching funds from the Wasatch Front Regional Council.

After removing the paint on 100 East, crews worked on chipping the road and finished flushing the road on Tuesday. During their work, they skipped the intersections of 400 North and Vine Street.

“This [project] consists of putting a light weight aggregate chip down and then a fog slurry coat will be placed after one week,” Jamie Grandpre, director of the Tooele City roads department said last week.

On 1280 North, crews chipped the road on Sept. 26 and flushed on Monday. On Broadway Avenue, crews chipped on Sept. 27-28 and flushed the road on Tuesday.

The last project was completed on Seventh Street from 1480 North to 1000 North where crews chipped the road on Sept. 27 and flushed the road on Monday. During their work, they skipped the Vine Street and Broadway Avenue intersections.


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