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image Utah Avenue from the Union Pacific Railroad tracks to Tooele’s Main Street is riddled with potholes. But the road is scheduled to get a new asphalt overlay this summer as part of Tooele City’s capital outlay projects.

May 9, 2013
Tooele City’s Utah Avenue is one of many streets that will get a fresh, new face in ‘13

Say good-bye to the pothole-filled minefield on Tooele City’s Utah Avenue.

Several road improvement projects, including one on Utah Avenue, make up the majority of the city’s capital projects for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Although capital projects consist of road, culinary water, storm water and sanitary sewer projects, most of Tooele City’s efforts will be put toward roads over the next year. Tooele City Engineer Paul Hansen said all of the projects may not be completed by the end of 2013, but they are the projects that will be included in the 2013-2014 budget.

The city’s road projects are funded through three separate entities. The first is state and federal funds that typically come from the state Legislature; the second is Class “B&C” road funds, which come from the gas tax; and the third is Redevelopment Agency funds.

With state and federal funds, the city will begin four separate road projects, says Hansen.

Overlay projects will be completed on Utah Avenue from Main Street to where the road curves at the railroad, and on 1100 West from Vine Street to Utah Avenue.

“The [Utah Avenue project is] a very large project,” Hansen said. “Because of that, we will also be doing some very minor waterline improvements along that road. At 1100 West, we need to make improvements on it because it’s now the gateway into the city’s industrial park and school complex.”

The third project will be widening 200 South from Coleman Street to 900 West, and the fourth project will be the construction of a new road that will extend Tooele Boulevard south to 700 South.

“We’re constructing this new road so it’s not just a dead end road,” Hansen said. “It will serve a function. We’re working on that design right now.”

With Class “B&C” road funds, close to 20 different Tooele City roads will be improved with either overlay or slurry seal.

“The city has a pavement management program we update every few years that gives us a list of streets with beginning and end listings that need improvements,” said Hansen. “Jim [Bolser, Tooele City public works and community development director,] and I took a ride and spent hours categorizing the roads in terms of where the public is driving and the condition of the road.”

Hansen said he and Bolser also looked to see if utilities fell within each roadway.

“The city is not spending water replacement money this year because of some future projects that are pending that we may need that money for,” he said. “As a result, there are many roads we’d like to reconstruct, but that we will hold off on for a year or two because the waterline also needs to be replaced.”

Through this analysis, Hansen said the city was able to recommend the roads that are the most feasible to replace this upcoming year.

“The value of the roads we’re recommending this year is at a cost of just under $1 million,” he said. “We have a  $1.25 million available budget we have to stay within, so we’ll put bids out on these roads, and then use the balance to do treatments like slurry seal and crack seal in other areas.”

Hansen said the road projects that will most likely impact drivers will be Seventh Street, in front of East Elementary, and First Street, in front of Harris Elementary. However, Hansen said the plan is to have the projects completed by Aug. 1 so that they won’t impact parents dropping off kids at the first of the school year.

Other streets that will be improved include portions of Elm Street, Date Street, Oquirrh Avenue and Antelope Avenue, and 50 West between 400 North and Utah Avenue and 100 West between 200 South and 400 South.

In addition, a portion of cemetery roads that weren’t improved with overlay last year will also be done this year. The portion of roads, on the northeast side of the cemetery should be upgraded in time for families visiting on Memorial Day. Hansen said that will leave just one road, in the southeast corner of the cemetery, not upgraded.

RDA funds will be used to make major improvements to a couple of roads in Ninigret Depot. B Avenue, which is located in the southernmost segment of the depot, will be rebuilt and overlaid. In addition, the waterline in that section of road will be replaced. On Industrial Loop Road, which is on the west side of the depot, slurry seal will be done to improve the road surface.

Besides road improvement projects, Hansen said another capital project the city will be working on includes the drilling of two wells. In February, the Tooele City Council voted unanimously to approve a $1.5 million contract with Fresno, Calif.-based Zim Industries, Inc., to drill two wells — one at the city’s rodeo grounds at 600 North and 200 West, and the other at the Kennecott “B” site, which is east of Droubay Road along Ericson Road. The company is currently drilling at the Kennecott “B” site, and when it completes the drilling there, will move to the rodeo grounds. Each well should take about three months to drill, and will most likely not be put into operation until 2014, according to Hansen.

In addition, a storm water drain project is also in the works.

“We have an existing storm drain on 1000 North that turns down 100 East,” Hansen said. “We want to extend a new pipe from the end of that drain at approximately 800 North down to approximately 400 North, because we tend to have extensive flooding of that intersection. We’ve started on the design and we’ll be coming back to the city council later on this year to get it approved.”

Hansen said each year the city has to look at its priorities and resources to decide what it will complete for its capital projects that year.

“We do go through a process,” he said. “We look at it and see that we have limited precious resources. We have to figure out how to make those resources stretch as far as we can with the most benefit.”

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