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August 8, 2019
Tooele Civic League to plant trees around county

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs has an initiative to plant 1,000 trees in local communities across the United States. 

The Tooele Civic League, which is part of the federation, has a goal to plant 10 trees in areas around Tooele County by April 24, 2020 — Arbor Day. 

Local businesses including Walmart, Home Depot and Tooele Valley Nursery will be donating the trees. The Civic League has many areas throughout the county interested in planting trees, according to Geneal Dart, spokeswoman for the Civic League. 

Tooele City and the Tooele County School District are two of the groups interested in planting trees, Dart said. 

Grantsville City Cemetery received the Civic League’s first three trees and more are needed, according to Dart. Anyone who would like to have trees planted, or donate trees to be planted, can contact Dart at 435-882-2036. Monetary donations are also accepted. 

The Civic League also wants to plant the seed of membership. To join a General Federation of Women’s Club, contact the Tooele Civic League through Dart at or the Ladies Community Club of Tooele at

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