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March 12, 2020
Tooele Civic League working to complete seven ‘grand initiatives’

The Tooele Civic League, an affiliate of General Federation of Women’s Clubs, has been working on fulfilling the GFWC’s seven grand initiatives for the last two years. 

The seven initiatives are: 1,000 projects to be completed on Martin Luther King Day; 1,000 projects to be completed for women in the military; 1,000 members will help restore GFWC Headquarters in Washington, D.C.; 2,500 members to join the Legislative Action Center; 20,000 trees to be planted on Arbor Day; 40,000 pairs of shoes will be donated to Soles for Souls; and 55,000 Dr. Seuss books to be donated to schools.

On Martin Luther King Day in 2019 the Tooele Civic League honored first responders and family and community centers. 

In 2020, the Tooele Civic League purchased clothing and accepted donations of clothing for the Tooele School District Family and Community Resource Center. In-kind donations collected by the Civic League amounted to $500. 

Women from the Utah National Guard have spoken at civic league meetings. The league has written cards to veterans. Civic league members made kits for women at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Salt Lake City. 

Most Tooele Civic League members have joined the Legislative Action Center and they often contact their legislators and senators. 

Members of the civic league have supported the Miranda Law and the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act. 

The Tooele Civic League planted four trees in the Grantsville Cemetery in 2019  and plans on planting six more on Arbor Day 2020. The civic league also has a garage full of shoes and will collect old shoes until May.

Civic league members have gathered dozens of Dr. Seuss books and will donate them to schools in the Tooele County School District.

The Tooele Civic League celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Women winning the right to vote and will continue to do so by honoring women on Aug. 26, 2020.


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