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image Kaden Bates holds up the pictures that he drew for the “Green Screen Adventures” TV show. Bates’ story that he created was performed on the TV show. photo courtesy of Melody Bates

November 13, 2012
Tooele County boy’s fictional story gets acted out on national TV show

When Kaden Bates, an 8-year-old second grader at Settlement Canyon Elementary, submitted his story “A Spaceman on a Mission” to the national TV show “Green Screen Adventures” about a year ago, he never expected it to air on national television. But last week, it did.

“Green Screen Adventures,” a Chicago-based television show that airs on Me-TV and ThisTV, is a series that gives students in first through eighth grades the opportunity to submit writing in the form of stories, plays, songs and essays to be featured on the show. The actors on the show then act out the stories to make them come to life.

“The show should be applauded for what they’re encouraging kids to do,” said Melody Bates, Kaden’s mother. “I just think it helps the education system. Kids want to read and write.”

When the Bates happened across the show about a year and a half ago one Saturday morning, their children were glued to the screen, according to Melody. Kaden heard the actors encouraging children to submit work at the end of each episode, and finally decided to write, draw and submit his own story.

“His story is about a boy and an alien robot bully and how the spaceman deals with the bully,” said Melody. “The rest of the episode is also about bullying. There is another story that another student wrote about being bullied.”

Since it launched in 2007, “Green Screen Adventures” actors have taken children’s written works and acted them out with props, music and puppet shows. Kaden’s story is adapted in about a 10-minute segment of the half hour show.

“When I heard it, I said, ‘that was awesome,’” said Kaden. “It was cooler watching it on TV.”

Kaden’s story “A Spaceman on a Mission” aired on Wednesday, but will air again on Dec. 15 on ThisTV, channel 2.2, at 8 a.m.

“Hearing my boy on national TV is like a once in a lifetime thing,” said Melody. “There are a few things left on TV that kids can watch that are encouraging them to do good things.”

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