Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

August 17, 2021
Tooele County canyons undergo a ravine change

As a lover of history, I am always fascinated by regime change. 

From the Greeks to the Romans, from Merovingians to Carolingians, the world changes. 

Just like in the world’s changes in governance, most of the time in our hills, change happens slowly. However, the times that make the largest changes are the few cataclysmic events that happen. 

Our landscape is influenced by various forces. Our mountains rise and erosion immediately attacks those hills and deposits the debris down the hill. 

The mountains rise abruptly through violent earthquakes along faults. Even so, erosion happens abruptly as well in extreme weather events. 

I have witnessed two such major events in our hills in my lifetime. 

One was in 1983 when a heavy snowpack and late runoff caused mudslides and flooding, changing the course of streams and carving out deep ravines in our canyons. 

Another such event occurred on Aug. 1. 

The rainstorm we received was so extreme that even our dry and parched soil could not absorb that much water. What resulted is what I call “Ravine Change.” 

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