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image The Tooele County Health Department reports that around 2.5% - 3% of tests for COVID-19 from the county have been positive compared to a state average of 5%.

April 2, 2020
Tooele County COVID-19 test update

Tooele County Health Department and Utah Department of Health officials say there is evidence that social distancing is working to slow the curve of COVID-19, but the peak is expected to come at the end of April.

As of Wednesday at 1 p.m., Tooele County had a total of 13 COVID-19 cases, according to a report from the Tooele County Health Department. These cases include all age groups: children, adults, and seniors.

Amy Bate, with the Tooele County Health Department,  said that the good news is the county has not had any new cases for two days.

No deaths in the county from the virus have been reported.

25 to 60 people are tested each day in the county but the rate of positive tests is significantly lower than the state’s average. Utah’s rate of positive tests is 5% and Tooele County’s is 2.5 to 3%, according to Jeff Coombs, Tooele County Health Department director.

According to Angela Dunn, epidemiologist for the state department of health, social distancing has been working.

“There is evidence that social distancing is working because we are not seeing exponential growth in the daily increase in cases,” she said. “The peak is expected at the end of April.”

Governor Gary Herbert spoke Wednesday, announcing an executive order to defer rental payments until May. He also said that the eviction process should not begin until May 15.

During his livestream, he noted that this does not get rid of the obligation to pay rent but does give time and space for “other measures”.

State parks throughout the state are only open to individuals living within the county that the park is located. This will be enforced by state park and health officials, according to Herbert.

To see Herbert’s daily livestreams, you can visit

This story was updated to show the count of 13 COVID-19 cases in Tooele County was as of 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1.

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