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October 21, 2021
Tooele County gets ready for emergencies

Saturday rehearsal planned for emergency distribution 

Tooele County Emergency Management prepares for future crisis events by hosting point of distribution exercise.

Tooele County Emergency Management’s annual point of distribution exercise will take place Saturday from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Tooele Stake Center located by the Tooele City Cemetery near 200 South and 200 East.

During the exercise TCEM will practice handing out supplies to a large group of individuals in cars in preparation for a large-scale emergency event that could happen.

“If we ever have an earthquake or a large-scale emergency event, and we need to get food, water, or sheltering supplies out to the public in a hurry because the stores aren’t able to function as they normally would, the government will work to bring supplies into the local area,” said Bucky Whitehouse, Tooele County Emergency Management director. “People would be able to walk through or drive through points of distribution, otherwise known as pods and get needed supplies from the federal, state, or local government.”

During the event, cars will line up on the street and TCEM employees and volunteers will direct them through a course where they will receive a free emergency radio for their time while supplies last.

“This allows us to be able to study the flow of traffic and better understand if we had to have a point of distribution for a long time or distribute to a large population,” Whitehouse said. “This exercise trains both responders who would be helping with the point of distribution and those driving through. For those driving through, it allows them to see what a distribution  after an emergency would look like.” 

Typically, the pod exercise takes participants about 10 minutes to drive through the course, according to Whitehouse.

TCEM held their last point of distribution exercise in 2019. 

During that exercise, TCEM handed out cases of water to individuals in 100 vehicles who drove through the course.

This year, they are encouraging even more people to come out and participate.

They are also encouraging community members to be ready for a large-scale emergency.

“We want our Tooele residents to be prepared for emergencies, regardless of type of emergency,” said Whitehouse. “We want everyone to download our Tooele Ready app. They can find that in the Google, Apple, or iTunes play store.”


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