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November 15, 2023
Tooele County Master Transportation Plan

Draft plan revealed, comments sought 

Tooele County’s Master Transportation Plan consultant, Richmond-based Jones & DeMille Engineering, with an office in Tooele City, unveiled their draft master plan in an open house held in the County Council chambers at the County Building on the evening of Nov. 8, 2023.

The draft plan shows proposed new and improved routes through the county with projects running from 2023 through 2050. The routes connect with possible new and existing municipal and state routes through 2050 to provide connectivity throughout the valley and to outside of the county, including Salt Lake Valley.

Scan QR to make comments via Google form.

Scan QR to make comments via Google form.

The plan will help Tooele County plan for roadway maintenance and construction projects, and funding acquisition — with grant applications dependent on projects being listed in the master plan. The plan will also be used to guide the preservation and establishment of transportation corridors and related access to land and facilities needed for future transportation needs.

After adoption by the county the plan is susceptible to updates caused by disparities between projected and actual growth, lack or increase of funding availability, or other factors. 

Some notable additions or revisions to traffic routes in Tooele County proposed by the draft plan include changes for three new north-south routes through the eastside of Tooele Valley.

Those changes or new routes include the extension of Droubay Road from Skyline Drive in Tooele City on the south end to above the railroad tracks on the north end eventually dropping down and running through Lake Point City and connecting with Saddleback Boulevard. The time frame for this change is listed as between 2023 and 2032.

Another proposed route for 2023-2042 would extend Center Street from east of SR-138 to Bates Canyon Road.

A third north-south route on the east end of the Tooele Valley anticipates Utah Department of Transportation’s extension of SR-201 into Tooele Valley. Known as the Oquirrh Expressway, the route runs from the proposed SR-201 extension at Clinton Landing in Lake Point and runs south to Churchwood Drive in Pine Canyon and turns east around 2800 North and heads to SR-36. The Expressway has proposed east-west connections at Canyon Road, Pole Canyon Road, and Bates Canyon Road. The Oquirrh Expressway is slated for between 2043 and 2050.

Lake Point City Council adopted a resolution during a Sept. 6, 2023 special meeting of the council that opposes the Oquirrh Mountain Expressway and any similar public highway  proposed or planned to be constructed along the foothills of the Oquirrh Mountains near the north/northeast boundary of Lake Point. 

The resolution states that such a highway “will harm Lake Point residents … including but not limited to harms related to the removal of, restriction of access to, and damage to open space areas that were intended to be reserved perpetually for the benefit of the public and the significant increase traffic, noise, and safety impacts that will be primarily felt by Lake Point residents without corresponding benefits to those residents.” 

The plan also shows some new or extended east-west routes through Tooele Valley including the 33rd Parkway to run from Droubay Road and eventually extend to the west and connect with the Mormon Trail Road.

Scan QR to view the draft transportation map.

Scan QR to view the draft transportation map.

The draft transportation map may be viewed at, or scan the QR code above.

A form to submit comments about the plan can be found by using the QR code printed here.

Tooele County contracted with Jones & DeMille  in January 2023 to prepare the updated Master Transportation Plan for Tooele County for $96,252.


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