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June 4, 2020
Tooele County stronger together commitment

As the County and state lowers the COVID-19 risk level, Tooele County leaders want to recognize businesses that have taken steps to provide a safe environment for workers and safe service for the public.

The Tooele County Health Department and the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce have combined efforts to recognize businesses that have pledged to follow the state’s phased guidelines with a  “Stronger Together Commitment” 

Businesses that display the certificate have pledged that their business will follow industry specific guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Tooele County Health Department. 

The commitment was created in order for customers to know which businesses were doing their best to assure the safety of their customers, according to the Health Department.

In order for a business to become a part of the commitment, they must make sure their employers are  taking extreme precautions, providing accommodations to high-risk employees, symptom checking, practicing social distancing, and proper cleaning and hygiene practices, according to the Health Department.

“If we all work together to adhere to the basic principles of the Tooele County Stronger Together Commitment, we will be able to continue to maintain operations, keep our doors open, protect the public’s health, and minimize the impacts of COVID-19,” said Jeff Coombs, Tooele County Health Department Executive Director/Health Officer.

Visitors and members of the community can see which businesses are a part of the commitment by seeing posted certificates at business locations.

“We hope this effort instills customer confidence in our businesses. The cornerstone of our communities are our small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is an opportunity for our county to work together, show our unity, and support local businesses,” said Jared Hamner, Tooele County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Executive Director.

A local business, Another Man’s Treasures in Tooele City that sells antiques, CD’s, records, and jewelry said they took the pledge to keep the community and their business safe. 

“I took the pledge at that time, because I wanted my business to be open. I also wanted customers to know that my business was a safe place to be and that we could accommodate them,” said owner Tyson Hamilton.

For more information about the commitment, you can visit


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