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May 14, 2013
Tooele girl dies after ATV crash

Accident occurred in Middle Canyon Sunday afternoon 

A young Tooele girl was killed after an ATV accident in Middle Canyon Sunday afternoon.

While reportedly driving an ATV, Miranda Anderson, 7, crashed into a dense cluster of trees and was stabbed by branches. Her father and a passerby tried to revive her until medical help arrived, but lifesaving measures were unsuccessful.

According to an incident report, Miranda was with family and family friends in the canyon around 4 p.m. Miranda’s father, Daniel Anderson, was riding a motorcycle with her brother, while Miranda rode an ATV with Chad Tharp, 32, a friend of Miranda’s mother.

While heading down the canyon around milemarker five, Tharp and Miranda reportedly ran off the paved road and crashed into a thicket of trees.

According to the incident report, Tharp told officers that he had been letting Miranda drive the ATV while he sat behind her at the time of the crash.

Anderson saw the crash and rushed to the accident scene. Unable to get a cell signal to call 911, he reportedly took his injured daughter on his motorcycle to the bottom of the canyon where he was able to get cell service.

Dispatchers instructed Anderson to give Miranda CPR until help arrived. Anderson was assisted by another Tooele man who happened to be at the base of the canyon at the time.

Miranda, who had been wearing a helmet, was transported to Mountain West Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. Although an autopsy report has not yet been completed, the incident report states Miranda had a stab wound in her abdomen from a tree branch, as well as other cuts and broken bones.

A deputy from the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office obtained  a warrant to perform a blood draw on Tharp to test for blood/alcohol content. The Sheriff’s office is awaiting results from that test before determining whether charges may be filed.

This is the county’s first ATV related fatality this year. So far in 2013, there have been a handful of serious ATV accidents, including one Saturday at Knolls in which a man broke his clavicle.

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