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September 15, 2020
Tooele girls second, boys third at Settlement Canyon meet

The Tooele girls cross country team came away from its annual home meet in Settlement Canyon with a second-place finish on Wednesday, while the Buffaloes’ boys team was third.

Ogden won the girls’ race with 24 points, followed by Tooele (49), Cedar Valley (83), Juan Diego (101) and Stansbury (124). Holly Johansen led the Buffs with a sixth-place finish in 19 minutes, 52.8 seconds, with teammates Jennifer Thomas (seventh, 20:23.9) and Grace Jenkins (ninth, 20:44.5) close behind. Abby Jenkins (14th, 21:48.2) and Rebekah Medley (15th, 21:53.4) completed the scoring for Tooele.

Other Tooele runners in the field included: Joscelyn McAllister (16th, 21:55.1); Keira Stewart (18th, 22:00.7); Mayling Jorgensen (19th, 22:03.5); Hannah Prusse (20th, 22:04.4); Samantha Stuart (21st, 22:08.7); Lorayna Howard (25th, 22:39.3); Ava Von Niederhausern (26th, 22:40.7); Savannah Williams (29th, 23:19.1); Alexandra Baird (31st, 23:51.0); Amilia Shinkle (32nd, 23:52.6); Jaylee Montague (34th, 23:54.1); Cadence Critchlow (37th, 24:33.5); Annie Droubay (41st, 26:11.6); Emma Squire (43rd, 26:14.8); Abigail Stuart (45th, 26:21.6); Jasmine Agular (46th, 26:25.5); Kate Wardle (47th, 26:45.1); Allison Sagers (48th, 26:49.5); Avery Lawton (51st, 27:15.0); Dakota Lundgreen (52nd, 28:16.3); Ella Bush (55th, 28:39.7); Lola Korth (56th, 28:40.1); Lindsey Smith (57th, 28:40.4); Lexi Thomas (58th, 29:19.8); Anna Marble (62nd, 30:44.9); Hallie Morton (65th, 34:57.4); Taylor Flake (67th, 36:15.1); and Eliza Jensen (70th, 38:54.0).

Hannah Lovell (33rd, 23:53.0) was Stansbury’s top finisher. She was joined by Abby Robertson (36th, 24:17.1), Madisyl Maez (40th, 25:18.3), Codee Gilsen (44th, 26:12.2), Kaylee Miller (49th, 26:50.4) and Rylee Zinn (59th, 29:43.6).

The boys’ race was hotly contested, with Ogden (36 points) edging Cedar Valley (48) and Tooele (52) for the team title. Juan Diego (98) was fourth, with Ben Lomond (142) fifth. Dugway and Stansbury also had runners in the field, but not enough to record a team score.

K Stoddard finished fifth in 16:33.9 for the Buffs, with Joel Brown (seventh, 16:34.6), Garrett Palmer (11th, 16:38.7), Garrett Lawton (13th, 16:52.6) and Parker Hansen (15th, 16:55.2) also figuring in the scoring.

Tooele’s other runners were: Carter Clayton (18th, 17:05.2); Joseph Wilkins (20th, 17:10.6); Jack Wexels (30th, 17:52.7); Joshua Furniss (35th, 18:07.2); Carter Day (37th, 18:11.0); Lincoln Kenison (38th, 18:14.3); Carson Hendrix (39th, 18:16.7); Nathan Flake (40th, 18:26.7); Caden Thomas (44th, 18:45.0); Ty Proctor (47th, 19:01.8); Henry Proebstel (48th, 19:12.7); Brett Kenison (63rd, 20:05.4); Samuel Thorpe (66th, 20:28.8); Mitchell Woodruff (68th, 20:29.4); Andrew Carpenter (72nd, 20:50.6); Romney Kenison (73rd, 20:51.4); Gabriel Harrison (75th, 20:59.8); Jackson Pearson (77th, 21:07.3); Mahone Craig (81st, 21:20.3); Spencer Smith (82nd, 21:33.9); Isaac Wardle (86th, 21:42.5); Jesse VanDerwerken (87th, 21:42.7); Dillion Burke (95th, 22:55.8); Ashton Haney (96th, 23:22.0); Daren Hall (97th, 23:24.5); Jackson Barlow (98th, 23:35.8); Nathan Hahne (99th, 23:36.1); Ashton Sandoval (100th, 23:45.7); Grady Morris (101st, 23:45.9); Gabe Petersen (102nd, 24:03.1); Andrew Mower (103rd, 24:08.1); Nicholas Willson (106th, 25:03.3); Clayson Searle (113th, 28:17.1); Preston Stewart (114th, 28:41.9); Andrew Mecham (119th, 34:31.4); Joshua Jensen (121st, 35:09.3); and Lincoln Petersen (123rd, 39:04.9).

Michael Clark (76th, 21:03.5) was Stansbury’s lone representative in the field. Dugway had Casey Knight (105th, 24:42.1), Tyi Bear (120th, 35:08.3), Kota Bear (122nd, 36:44.5) and McCoy Bear (125th, 40:43.6) competing.

Tooele will be back in action Wednesday in a Region 10 meet hosted by Ben Lomond High School at Dinosaur Park in Ogden.


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