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image Emily Briggs, Hannah Sheppard, Jayden Dunbar, Mitchell Woodruff, Garrett Lawton, Nathan Flake, Carter Bohman, Liberty Lyman, Joscelyn McAllister, Kaiser Welch, Madaline Palmer, Madeline Shepard, Samantha Smith, Jack Wexels

March 9, 2022
Tooele High School Sterling Scholars 2022

14 Tooele High School seniors recognized for academics, leadership, citizenship, and service 

Emily Briggs, Computer Technology: 

My name is Emily Rebekah Briggs and I was born in Chandler, Arizona. If I were to choose one word to describe me it would be “handson”. In short, I really enjoy working with my hands. During my entire life, I have been doing hands-on activities. These activities include: choir, orchestra, art, woodworking, and computer programming.

Hannah Sheppard, Dance: 

My name is Hannah Sheppard and I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was raised in Tooele. Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have been dancing for 14 years with training in almost all styles of dance. I spend most days of the year working to improve my skills and broaden my experience in dance. Dancing for me is truly an escape from reality and is a way I can express every part of myself.

Jayden Dunbar, Family and Consumer Sciences: 

My name is Jayden Dunbar. I was born in Salt Lake City and brought home to West Valley. I moved to Tooele about a year and a half after that, so truly I was raised in Tooele. Family and Consumer Sciences have really made me the person I am today. Since I was about 6 or 7, I knew how to sew and cook. I grew up for the first 7 years of my life with only an older sister, so things that most people would peg as “girly” became my favorite things to do mainly sewing, dancing, cooking, even playing barbies. When I was 12 I got interested in interior design as well. I had many graph paper notebooks full of room designs.

Mitchell Woodruff, Instrumental Music: 

My name is Mitchell Woodruff, I was born and raised in Tooele by a mother who is a teacher, and a father who was an EMT, then a Respiratory Therapist. Service and teaching others have always been big in my life because of my parents. I started involving myself in music at a young age, growing up I would look up to my sisters while they played the piano, I begged my parents to let me have piano lessons and learn how to play.

Garrett Lawton, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education: 

My name is Garrett Lawton, and when I was younger, I always wanted to live somewhere with a wider variety of things to do around. I grew up in Tooele Utah always wanting more, but I never got it. As I continued to grow, I realized how much I had. I started exploring miles of trail up various canyons, many within a biking distance of my house. I started discovering my own small landmarks, finding hidden waterfalls, discovering new trails, and exploring a lot. This is where I found my love for exploring and discovering. This has stayed with me ever since, and I soon plan to go to Utah State University to get a degree in “Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Aerospace.”

Nathan Flake, Social Science: 

My name is Nathan Flake, and I was born in Murray, Utah. My parents are Kendall and Chandra Flake, I have an older brother, an older sister and a younger sister. The first few years of my life we moved all around the state as my dad pursued his education, but when I was in first grade we moved to Tooele and it’s become my home

Carter Bohman, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics: 

My name is Carter Bohman. I was born in Murray, Utah. I moved to Tooele at 3 years old and have lived there ever since. I am the youngest of four sons. My second oldest brother is a prodigy of math. My third oldest brother is a genius of science. My fourth oldest brother is an award-winning poet and writer. I guess you could say I had a lot to live up to. I was a prodigy of math, a genius of science, and an award-winning poet and writer.

Liberty Lyman, Visual Arts: 

My name is Liberty Lyman, I was born in Salt Lake City, and raised in Tooele, Utah. My family consists of 5 siblings, 5 step siblings, and my parents and stepparents. My mom and my older sister are the only ones in my family who really had a passion for art, they really inspired me to want to create on my own. I loved using anything I could get my hands on to create whether it was on the walls, in the mud, or even on my dinner plate.

Joscelyn McAllister, Vocal Performance: 

My name is Joscelyn McAllister. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of my most favorite things to do is playing card and board games with my family. My family is my rock and supports me in my, sometimes overwhelming, endeavors. I enjoy taking challenging classes and getting involved at my high school. Show choir, Cross Country, National Honors Society, and DECA are some of the extracurricular activities I participate in

Kaiser Welch, Science: 

I am Kaiser Welch, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 1st, 2004. I live in the not-so-quaint town of Tooele, Utah. I currently attend Tooele High and will be attending Utah State University during the spring semester of 2022. I have been brought up in the ways of pragmatic thinking and scientific know-how. I have strived to challenge myself in all I do. I have always been an honors student and have found particular enjoyment in concurrent and AP classes.

Madaline Palmer, Business and Marketing: 

My name is Madaline Palmer. I was born and raised in Tooele, Utah. I have two older sisters Allie and Cassie. My main hobby is reading, and I spend probably too much time on it. I also like to play tennis and cook. My goal one day is to open my own bakery, and so I want to major in business when I go to college next year.

Madeline Shepard, English: 

My name is Madeline Shepard. I was born in Great Falls, Montana but have lived in Tooele, Utah since 2011. I am an avid reader and have a large collection of books that I am very proud of. I am very involved in school, specifically with tennis and DECA. When I am able to spare a little free time outside of my extracurriculars it is usually spent with my three younger siblings, who I am very close with.

Samantha Smith, World Languages: 

My name is Samantha Smith, more commonly known as Sammie. I was born in Utah up at the St. Marks hospital on Sept. 15, 2003. I grew up in Tooele, Utah. I went to Middle Canyon elementary where I won student of the month almost every year I attended. I then went to Tooele Junior High School where I maintained a 4.0 GPA for my 8th grade year. In high school, I’ve taken ASL all four years.

Jack Wexels, Mathematics: 

My name is Jack Wexels. I was born in Salt Lake, but live in Tooele. I am the oldest of my siblings.


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