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September 10, 2019
Tooele man charged in Taylorsville shooting

A Tooele man is facing criminal charges in 3rd District Court after he allegedly threatened a man with a gun in Taylorsville. 

Brian Dean Bogart, 40, is charged with third-degree felony aggravated kidnapping and two counts of third-degree felony aggravated assault. 

Bogart was traveling uninvited to the victim’s home in Taylorsville on Aug. 31, according to a probable cause statement. On the way, Bogart’s vehicle broke down and he began to walk eastbound on state Route 201. 

A passerby saw Bogart and felt bad for him, so they picked him up, the statement said. Once in the passerby’s vehicle, Bogart pulled a handgun and laid it on his lap, saying he was going to kill someone.

Bogart would say he was going to kill someone, then deny it, then say he would kill someone again, according to the probable cause statement. He told the passerby to drive him to the victim’s home, at which time the passerby was afraid Bogart would kill someone and then force them to drive him away. 

Once the passerby dropped Bogart off at the victim’s house, they drove away and later reported the interaction to the Utah Highway Patrol once they returned home to Orem, the statement said. 

Bogart confronted the victim in the front yard of his home, at which point another person told him to leave because he was intoxicated and there was a party out front of the home for the victim’s grandchildren, according to the statement. 

When the victim saw Bogart had a pistol, he grabbed the gun and had Bogart remove the magazine, according to the statement. While the victim believed the gun was not loaded, Bogart was agitated and pointed the pistol at him before leaving. 

Bogart returned a few minutes later while the victim was speaking with three neighbors, where he confronted the victim and pulled the pistol from his pants, the statement said. The victim walked back toward his home to protect his grandchildren. 

One of the neighbors speaking with the victim had a concealed carry permit and pulled his firearm, according to the probable cause statement. Bogart then turned his gun on the neighbor, prompting the neighbor to fire two shots that struck Bogart in the neck and arm. Once Bogart went to the ground, the neighbor moved Bogart’s pistol away from him and cleared the weapon, which had an empty magazine. 

Two witnesses to the event confirmed the story from the victim and neighbor, the probable cause statement said. 

Bogart admitted to having the pistol but said he used it because the victim and his neighbors were confronting and surrounding him, according to the probable cause statement. 

Bogart is scheduled to make his initial appearance in 3rd District Court in West Jordan on Tuesday morning.


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