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February 11, 2016
Tooele man pleads guilty to drug charges

A Tooele man pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge in 3rd District Court on Tuesday.

Daniel Casey Bliven, 27, agreed to a deal with prosecutors where he will plead guilty to amended counts of third-degree felony possession with intent to distribute a Class C substance and misdemeanor unlawful acquisition and possession of a financial transaction card.

Per the agreement with the state, charges of theft by receiving stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia will be dismissed without prejudice.

According to the probable cause statement from the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, Bliven was stopped by police after an iPad that was reported stolen was located inside his vehicle.

The victim of the theft had been following Bliven using the Find My iPhone app prior to the deputy conducting his traffic stop.

After the victim correctly identified the pass code on the iPad and the picture on its home screen, the deputy arrested Bliven, the statement said. A subsequent search of the vehicle found a passenger’s purse that contained drug paraphernalia, as well as a scale with drug residue, small baggies to distribute drugs, cutting devices with residue and small bags with what appeared to be heroin.

In the trunk of the vehicle, the deputy also found a credit card that didn’t belong to Bliven or his passenger, according to the probable cause statement. When questioned by the deputy, Bliven admitted the card did not belong to him and he did not know the name on the card.

Bliven will next appear in 3rd District Court on March 22 for sentencing at the Tooele County courthouse at 1:30 p.m. before Judge Robert Adkins.

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