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October 3, 2019
Tooele OKs change to frontage requirements for fill-in areas

The Tooele City Council approved changes to frontage width requirements in an overlay district in the heart of the city during its meeting Wednesday night. 

The change in the ordinance reduces the required minimum lot frontage to 80% of the typical requirement for the zoning district in in-fill overlay Area A and 90% in Area B. The change would benefit historic residential lots that are non-conforming, according to Jim Bolser, the city’s community development director.

The in-fill overlay districts affect large swathes of the center of Tooele City, with the borders of Area A running between 600 North, 100 East, 400 South and 200 West. Area B encompasses two separate areas, with a westernmost border of Coleman Street and easternmost border of Seventh Street, ranging between 600 North and 900 South in one section and 600 North and Vine Street in the other. The overlay district only affects properties zoned for residential use. 

Between the two areas, there are 2,911 parcels, including 2,367 zoned residential. The vast majority, 98.5%, are zoned R1-7, which sets a minimum lot size of 7,000 square feet. 

Of the residential parcels zoned R1-7, there are 489 that don’t meet the minimum frontage width standards. The R1-7 zone requires a minimum frontage width of 60 feet. 

“We have a lot of underutilized properties that don’t meet our frontage requirement,” Bolser said.

Under the new ordinance, the minimum frontage in Area A, which encompasses downtown, would be reduced to 48 feet. The change would capture 93% of all properties under the current R1-7 zoning, easing the process to develop properties in the in-fill overlay district. 

The changes would reduce the minimum lot frontage width to 54 feet in Area B, which would capture more than 80% of the residentially zoned properties.

“I think now that this is going to be in place, I think this will be a healthy thing for our community,” said Council Chairman Steve Pruden. 

No one spoke during a public hearing on the ordinance. The Tooele City Planning Commission forwarded a unanimous positive recommendation on the proposed ordinance at its Sept. 11 meeting. 

The Tooele City Council passed the ordinance by a 4-0 vote, on a motion from Councilman Scott Wardle, seconded by Councilman Brad Pratt. Councilman Dave McCall was absent.


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